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About us

We know that the essence of wellbeing comes from an individual real-life experience, in real time with real people. Between us we have 30 years experience. We use our knowledge and our expertise to teach you the skills and knowledge to teach simple tools to use anytime and anywhere. Everything we do uses up to date practise to give you the best possible experience.


In a world with ever changing demands put on the individual we use our skills to deliver sessions that respond to the current climate, making all that we do up to date and relevant. 

Alex Cornwall 

Alex is our Yoga and fitness expert. She has taught around Teesside and North Yorkshire for 18 years.  Her passion is yoga and believes that it should be accessible to anyone regardless of age, experience or ability. She delivers a variety of different styles of yoga, as well as meditation, Sound baths and mindfulness. All with the aim of finding the right practice for the individual. 


Naz Serginson 

Naz is our complementary therapist.  She has been in practice for 20 years.  Her passion in life is to make people feel good about themselves and lead their best life. She will guide you to help you find the right tools.  She delivers Reiki, massage, Aromatherapy, meditation and a range of mindfulness techniques. 

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