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We pride ourselves on gathering feed back from all o those who attend our sessions. Here are some of the observations from our clients.  

  My husband was due to have two hospital procedures and was very nervous and anxious. Seeing this I suggested he try a Yoga Nidra practice, which Alex and Naz had put on line, and some breathing practices I had learned at the Be Still events. Although a little sceptical about this he agreed to try them. He followed the Yoga Nidra three times and practised the breathing techniques and could not believe the difference this made. So much so that he was able to control his breathing sufficiently to have the procedures without anaesthetic and would advocate these practices to anyone.

They are committed to bring their wealth of knowledge to their classes. Their experience shines through all the segments of their group sessions
What a fabulous relaxing day, a great introduction to mindfulness, meditation, yoga and aromatherapy, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, will be looking out for future workshops with Alex and Naz who were brilliant
I absolutely loved it, felt my anxiety easing and reminded me to remember to focus on breathing and slowing down'

Arrived at the workshop feeing so stressed I never nearly went, but so glad I did, I came away feeling so much better.

The whole experience is one I would highly recommend, from breathing exercises to aromatherapy talk everything was just right

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