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bestill for business

At bestill we know that the essence of mindfulness comes from an individual real-life experience, in real time with real people.

Using our knowledge and our expertise we will teach you the skills and knowledge to use mindfulness as a simple tool to use anytime and anywhere.


Mindfulness is often thought of as purely a psychological practice such as mindful meditation and breath focus, but it can also incorporate the use of physical work such as Yoga. Knowing that different people respond in different ways, we work with our clients to explore methods and techniques that work for the individual. We equip you with the knowledge and tools to use mindfulness in a way that will be of most benefit to you.


Mindfulness finds its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. Its introduction to Western society is widely credited to Jon Kabat-Zinn who founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts in 1979.  Since then it has become popularised outside a clinical setting and when explored and understood its versatility makes it a tool that can being positive benefits to anyone.

Mindfulness gives employees permission and space to think — to be present — leading to mental agility, resilience, and self-awareness. In addition, mindfulness can reduce emotional exhaustion, increase openness to new ideas and develop compassion and empathy.



Real people in real time


There has been an explosion in the use of technology to aid the practice of mindfulness. However, we know that nothing can replace real human interaction. 


An app can’t respond to individual experience, it can’t understand the specific pressures put on a person.  It doesn’t know when an approaching deadline is causing stress, when an individual is facing financial worry, or the personal impact of a global pandemic. 


In many ways an app is the antithesis of mindful practice.  As soon as we use a digital device, we remove one of the central tenets of mindfulness. We create a barrier from being in the moment.


We will equip you with a lifelong skill that requires no device, no screen, and no ongoing payment.

We have a range of options avaiable to deliver in your business.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and make the step to promoting health and wellbeing in your workplace. 

Our Services


In this 1 hour session we will introduce you to mindfulness, its foundations and how its practice will bring positive benefits. We will teach you practical exercises that can be used regularly in every day life and in the workplace.

£20 per person (minimum of 10 attendees)



Over a 6 week period of 1 hour sessions we will deliver a more in depth exploration of mindfulness, equipping you with a range of different mindful exercises that can be used  anywhere.  This choice also includes the option for Yoga. 

£90 per person (minimum of 10 attendees)



In discussion with you we will build a bespke package for you. A range of options available including:

Yoga/Pilates/sound bath

Mindfulness training

Meditation practices


Sleep workshop

Breathing workshop

Emotional freedom technique


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