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I can't do Yoga......

I’m not flexible enough….. I can’t get to the floor… I don’t get the breathing……. I’ve got problems with my knees…

All things we hear when talking about yoga, all barriers that people face. Nine times out of ten if we can get someone to come to one of our classes they leave with a changed mind.

Alex, our Yoga teacher started practising yoga with many of the same feelings and here she talks about her experience.

‘I always loved the idea of yoga but with a history of hip issues I was often left frustrated. I'd turn up to classes and be told to, ‘’just sit with your legs crossed’, a simple instruction for most of the class. However, for me it used to make me feel like a failure from the start. Even at school I didn’t sit crossed legged, there was nothing simple about it, at best uncomfortable, at worst painful. However, I knew I loved what Yoga could do for me, the connection of mind and body, the exploration of moving meditation and the time to feel I was really doing something for me. I was lucky, I kept going, with a history of working in group exercise I didn’t feel awkward about adjusting for what my body was able to do. However, my experience as a group training instructor meant I knew that not everyone would feel this way.

Fast forward a few years and I decided there was a role for me in teaching Yoga, using my skills to open the door to other people. Now I’m in the wonderful place of being able to guide people through their own Yoga practice. Central to my philosophy is that yoga truly is for everyone. I’ll encourage you to listen to your body and move for you. I can work with you to find adaptations that will allow you to explore Yoga in a way that is accessible to you. And of course, yoga isn’t just about movement, it’s breathing and meditation, both challenging, if not more so than the physical movement.

The practice of yoga is a journey for everyone, there is no right or wrong; there’s simply exploring our own practice and developing as a person, physically, mentally and spiritually. For different people it will mean different things. I’d love you to join me in one of our wellbeing days or a regular yoga class, it can be life changing’.

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